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An Exhibition - Another Exhibition

Authors:Valerie Mannaerts
Rating:1.85, Votes:110

An exhibition - Another exhibition is the first monograph about the work of Belgian artist Valérie Mannaerts. The book catalogues two solo exhibitions that took place in 2010, Blood Flow at Extra City Kunsthal Antwerpen, and Diamond Dancer at de Appel arts centre. In her work, Mannaerts extends the work of collage to spatial objects. She explores the physiognomic qualities of things, questioning the relation between organic and inorganic forms, the presence and autonomy of objects as well as the histories sedimented within them. With an essay by Anselm Franke, a conversation between the artist and Ann Demeester, and photography by Kristien Daem.

A co-production of Sternberg Press with de Appel arts centre and Extra City Kunsthal Antwerpen.

Design by Saskia Gevaert
February 2011

22 x 29 cm
144 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1-934105-36-8