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The Door

Authors:Ilke De Vries & Jan Knops
Rating:1.95, Votes:111

BOOK + DVD The Door by Ilke De Vries (25min.)

When you cross a threshold, a change happens while you go from one space into another. One social situation is replaced by the next. We do it dozens of times, day after day.

The Door is the use of a door by 8 children and their educators in their daily life in a reception center. With a split screen you have a simultaneous look at both sides of a door. This makes personal behavior and needs, social relations and rules visible. Completed with philosophical thoughts by the children about the door, concrete as well as abstract, the experimental documentary offers a special insight that we as adults lose out of sight.

Redactie / Editor: Jan Knops
Concept : Ilke De Vries, Jan Knops
Stills / Video : Ilke De Vries
Tekstbijdrage/ Texts: Jan Knops, Alan Quireyns, Nicolina Jorissen
Vormgeving / Design: Thomas Desmet & Benoît Vandenbroucke, UM

17 x 24 cm
128 pages
ISBN 9789077905081